Commercial Irrigation

The most important factor in keeping your commercial property looking its best is making sure there is adequate water for your lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs. This is achieved through the proper installation and maintenance of your irrigation system.

The team at Sikorski Landscaping is certified in all major commercial irrigation systems. We keep your system running efficiently and correctly to protect your landscaping investment. Our commercial landscape irrigation services include:

  • Installation – We have over 15 years of experience installing irrigation systems.
  • Maintenance – Our irrigation maintenance program includes routine “wet-checks” to make sure your property is receiving adequate water, and identifies any waste in your water consumption to reduce your water bills. This also includes clock maintenance to insure the appropriate watering schedule.
  • Repair – We provide immediate repair or replacement of faulty parts if a problem in your irrigation system arises.
  • Service Calls – If you have a question or need service on your system, our certified irrigation techs are here to help!